Emergency Dental Care

Our local dentists are on hand to help!

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Emergencies don't keep to a timetable, so we strive to see you both during and outside of office hours.

Do You Need Help?

As one of our patients, you are our priority and have access to exclusive emergency care if:

  • You lose a tooth
  • You crack a tooth
  • You are in unbearable pain

We strive to see you on the same day where possible. This includes evenings and weekends!

What Can We Do?

When you call our office expect a listening ear and a composed manner (during office hours). We help you stay calm and address your primary concerns. We never want a patient to experience pain so we do our best to accommodate your desired appointment time. Our team truly cares and will go above and beyond to help you in your hour of need.


Take Action!

If you are in the midst of a dental crisis, please do not delay! Although we do have scheduled hours of operation, we have local team members who live in the neighborhood and can help with your emergency care outside of normal hours.

We are here to help, so please call us at 914-683-5203.

Get instructions for common dental emergencies NOW!

$99 Emergency Care Special
(Normally a $400 value).

Includes Full set of X-rays, Comprehensive Evaluation, Digital Cavity Detection, Oral Cancer Screening, Intra Oral Photos, & Prescription (If Needed).

Call Us Now at 914-683-5203

The stigma about being scared to go to the dentist is out the window when it comes to Dental Group of Westchester. The entire staff is very professional and pleasant.
- Mike G. (Actual Patient)

What Is Included?

You will be cared for from the moment you call our office and can expect a one-of-a-kind visit.
Doctor at Dental Group of Westchester discussing treatment with patient

During a typical emergency visit, we don’t just dive in but take a systemic approach to make sure we truly help you. When you come to the office, our courteous team helps calm the situation and identify your concern. Next, you will be taken to our treatment rooms where we carefully assess your situation with the following:

  • Q & A with expert
  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Digital x-rays
  • Relief from pain with world-class dental services

Our aim is to provide same-day care and address your main concern. However, if the problem is more severe, we may only be able to provide pain relief and will schedule you in for another appointment as soon as possible.

Real-life Patient Story

Photo of Dr. Simon Roytberg talking with a patient

Hear from one of our patients:

Recently a patient stopped by the office on a Sunday in excruciating pain. Seeing there was not anyone in the office, they called to try and get an appointment. Following the instructions on the answering machine, they emailed the office and were surprised to receive a phone call minutes later. They spoke directly to the doctor who sent a prescription to their pharmacy.

The following Monday morning she was seen at 7:30 am, painlessly taken out of discomfort and was out of the office and on her way to work on time. It is this type of level of service that our patients are used to and appreciate long term.

Relax and We'll Take Care of the Rest

We place your comfort and health as our priority.