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Metal-Free Fillings
Watch this video to learn how non-metal fillings restore the health of your tooth while providing a natural-looking result.

Cavities can cause much pain and result in the function of your tooth becoming compromised. They are most commonly caused by poor hygiene, sugary foods and drinks, and missed dental check-ups. At the Dental Group of Westchester, our dentists don’t dwell on the cause but rather how your tooth can be saved and restored.

Using metal-free fillings brings a number of benefits to your health. These composite fillings use a tooth-colored material, which actually fills any cavities by bonding to your tooth. What’s more is metal-free fillings are both aesthetically pleasing and can potentially save your tooth in the long run. How?

Traditional metal, or amalgam fillings, restrict diagnosis of recurrent decay. This material hides the decay from plain sight and x-rays, thus allowing it to go undetected for years. The result is the decay deteriorating your enamel and causing the need for a root canal or even extraction. Our metal-free fillings make decay detection easy and can save you from major dental work. Plus, they are mercury-free too.

Composite fillings can be easily placed with very little discomfort. Your White Plains dentist simply cleans the area of any bacteria or decay and then uses the special filling. This is then shaped to fit your bite and hardened.

As you can see, it is very important to act quickly if a cavity is taking shape. Regular check-ups help with this because the decay can be prevented or stopped in its earliest form.

Inlays & Onlays
In short, inlays and onlays are the big brothers of a metal-free filling. They are typically used when the effected or missing tooth area is too big for a filling but doesn’t require a crown. Inlays and onlays are a great solution for teeth that have already had a small restoration but recurrent decay means it needs to be removed.

Inlays and onlays are fabricated in a dental lab and custom-designed to fit your afflicted tooth. Your restorative dentist in White Plains, NY takes an impression of your tooth and sends this to our partner lab for creation. The new restoration is fitted with a number of benefits:

  • Extra strength
  • Improved functionality (especially chewing)
  • Comfortable fit
  • Longer lasting
  • Natural finish

These restorations help prevent the need for more invasive future dental treatments or even tooth loss. This more conservative option preserves your remaining tooth structure and is particularly advantageous for your back teeth.

Watch this video to learn how a natural-looking porcelain crown can be used to restore a damaged tooth to full function again.

Crowns are one of the most common and effective restoration treatments available in our office. All our dental crowns are mercury-free and are designed to resemble the color of your natural teeth. This restoration is similar to a cap placed over your damaged or discolored tooth to protect it. In fact, crowns can be used for a number of reasons:

  • Protect or repair a damaged tooth
  • Replacing a filling, inlay, or onlay
  • Sit on top of a dental implant
  • Cover over a root canal

Dental crowns are placed when your caring dentist takes an impression of the tooth and then has the restoration fabricated at our partner lab. You may need a temporary crown while this is taking place. Once returned, the crown is carefully placed and the fit checked. When satisfactory it is cemented into place. You are left with a beautiful, healthy smile once more.


Watch this video to learn how we use a dental bridge to fill the gap left by missing teeth to restore your smile and confidence!

When you are missing a tooth it not only affects your confidence but also can have a negative impact on your health. If your tooth is not replaced, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift and your jawbone deteriorates. It is essential to act now in order to preserve your health and smile.

One of most practical solutions is a dental bridge. Bridges consist of two crowns and an artificial tooth. The crowns are placed over the adjacent teeth to hold the new tooth in place (in the gap). A typical bridge requires a few visits to your dentist in White Plains.

The process involves the teeth on either side of the gap being shaped to fit the new crowns. After this, an impression is taken and sent to the dental lab where the custom bridge is made. The bridge is designed to match your smile’s shape, color, and bite. When ready, the permanent bridge is slotted into place and checked for fit and comfort. Finally, a bonding agent is used to hold the crowns into place, which in turn secure the artificial tooth.

Bridges can be long-lasting and must be cared for as you would your natural teeth. Your general dentist continually checks your bridge during each six-month check-up.

Dental implants are also another alternative to replace missing teeth. Watch this video to learn the difference between a bridge vs. dental implant.

Watch this video to learn how a removable denture works.

It is the unfortunate truth as we age our teeth begin to fail us and replacement teeth are needed. Dentures are one of the most common solutions for those with multiple missing teeth or complete tooth loss. At our office, we house a number of denture options including partial and full removable dentures. These dentures are custom-made to fit your smile but can be removed for cleaning and any necessary maintenance.

Partial: This option is for those with only a few missing teeth and is very effective at filling large gaps in our smile. The partial consists of natural-looking teeth made using an impression from your mouth and the skills of our dental lab. Once placed the denture is held in place using a clasp or similar device and can be removed when necessary.

Full: When all your teeth are missing your health can become compromised due to jawbone deterioration. A custom-made removable denture is made in much the same way as a partial but covers the entire upper or lower arch (or both). These dentures are held in place with a clasp or similar device and reflect the look of a natural smile.

Although removable dentures are a great option, they are by no means permanent and can result in jaw shrinkage. This causes the denture not to fit and potential dental or facial problems to occur. With this in mind, our expert restorative team also offers implant-supported dentures as a more permanent solution.

Watch this video to learn how an implant-supported denture works.

After detailed measurements and photos , the implant was returned to the lab for corrections. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision and it was not problem....MY satisfaction is important no matter the extra time and work! Thank you!
- Dorlores T. (Actual Patient)

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