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Jades Jimenez Our team office manager, Jades, wearing a black shirt and smiling
Our team office manager, Jades, wearing a black shirt and smiling

Jades Jimenez

I was born and raised a single child to a single immigrant mother. I grew up in the Washington Heights section of NYC, which exposed me to my Dominican culture. I recently married my first childhood boyfriend and together we have two beautiful children. I bring an organized, detail-oriented approach to dentistry that places patients as the priority and means it is rare for anything to fall through the cracks.

I started my first job in a Dental office while in college and developed into an Office Manager. I love what I do for a living just as much as I did the first day I started. I am motivated by the relationships I’ve built with these patients and by our team that makes me laugh and enjoy what I do on a daily basis. I enjoy the challenges I face as a manager because they allow me to learn something new every day.

Through the years I have put a lot effort into completing continuing education courses. Coming into this practice I’ve brought this wealth of knowledge to the team. What’s best is that I am surrounded by a group of people who are eager to implement the new things they learn from me and we have fun while we do!

Outside the Office: Spending time with my family.

Hero: My mother is the smartest person I know, her genes have trickled down to me and my children.

Bucket List Item: I would love to one day be able to go back to school and enroll in a dental program.

Spirit Animal: The dolphin. They are empathetic, charismatic, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jades Jimenez


Nelsy, showing a fun pose in her orange shirt Nelsy, our assistant manager and treat coordinator smiling in an orange shirt
Nelsy, our assistant manager and treat coordinator smiling in an orange shirt

Nelsy Marcelino

I have always loved dentistry because of the prospect of working in a dynamic environment with a diverse clientele. I am a natural extrovert and thrive on personal interaction and the opportunity to form positive and lasting relationships with patients.

I have been in the dental field for the past 12 years, first as a Dental Assistant working next to the best dental specialist, and now as an Office Assistant Manager. I enjoy meeting new people and working with them to find ways taking care of their dental needs. I get the chance to share my passion for dentistry while explaining their treatment options and helping them understand the importance of their oral health. I genuinely enjoy being a part of every patient’s dynamic dental experience.

The best part of being in the dental field is building close relationships with patients and helping them change a negative dental experience into a positive experience. I can’t wait to show patients how we go above and beyond to gain their trust and make them feel at home at the Dental Group of Westchester.

Outside the Office: In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and kids.

Hero: My mother has always been my emotional barometer and my guidance. I am lucky enough to have a woman who truly helps me through everything.

Bucket List Item: Skydiving!

Spirit Animal: A lemur. I’m super social and have an upbeat, energetic, and encouraging personality!

Nelsy Marcelino


Lynette pulling a surprised face as she smiles Lynnette, our team's patient coordinator, smiling and wearing an orange shirt with a white collar
Lynnette, our team's patient coordinator, smiling and wearing an orange shirt with a white collar

Lynnette Rodriguez

I am a young, vibrant, sassy and classy young lady and I absolutely love working at the Dental Group of Westchester. I am originally from White Plains, Westchester community so I feel a connection to the patients and office. I am the oldest sibling of two and I have lived a life of adventure and making my own rules. I’ve learned that family is everything!

I bring my bubbly personality, my spunk, and my smooth sarcasm to our office. It creates an insightful conversation with patients while at the same time; we can have fun with the issues we address.

I actually stumbled upon the dental field starting early on in life and have now been in this world since 2015. I have worked all the roles in a dental office and love that I am versatile enough to fill multiple positions. This means I can be on the phones, warmly greet our patients, and assist in the operatories when needed.

The best part of my job is that I am lucky enough to wake up every day and go work alongside what has become an extension of my family.

Outside the Office: I love to shop – I’m obsessed with bags! I do my best to live life to the fullest and have fun.

Hero: My Mother. She has shown me patience, understanding, the true meaning of loyalty, and love. She is my hero!

Bucket List Item: To learn to swim and swim with dolphins.

Spirit Animal: A hawk. I am observant I use my intuition and common sense in almost every aspect of life.

Lynnette Rodriguez


Kiara poking her tongue out Kiara wearing an orange shirt and smiling
Kiara wearing an orange shirt and smiling

Kiara Ascenio

I was born and raised in the United States, but my parents are from the Dominican Republic. I’m currently a student seeking a degree in Accounting. However, I still have a passion for dentistry because of the various things it has to offer. This includes making people smile and seeing how it can help boost the confidence of those unhappy with their smiles.

I have worked in various roles in a dental office including on the front desk answering calls and as an insurance coordinator.

I aim to be as helpful as possible when patients have questions and can assist you with insurance claims or financial concerns. The best part of my job is when new patients come in and leave with a positive attitude not just because of their teeth, but also because we help solve their financial concerns.

Outside the Office: I love spending time with family and friends. I also love traveling and going too different places that teach me new things.

Hero: My mother. She was the one who raised me and taught me everything I know. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be the intelligent female I am today.

Bucket List Item: Travel the world and face my fear of skydiving.

Spirit Animal: A whale. I have a strong inner voice and always follow my own truth.

Kiara Ascenio


Dental Assistants & Hygienists

Protecting and maintaining your beautiful smile.

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Elvira poking her tongue out and sitting side on Our team's surgical assistant, Elvira smiling in her black scrubs
Our team's surgical assistant, Elvira smiling in her black scrubs

Elvira Alvarez

I have been working in dentistry for over 15 years as a registered dental assistant and phlebotomist. I have spent the majority of my career in the treatment of patients with all dental needs. I am so excited to be part of the Dental Group of Westchester team! It is very gratifying to me as an assistant to give care to our patients in a calm and caring atmosphere where their comfort and well-being is the main concern.

Dentistry has always been my great passion. I love having the ability to be part of a team who can meet the expectations of our patients. One of the things I enjoy most about dentistry is to see how changing a patient’s smile transforms their lives. I use my calming personality to build relationships with patients and help them relax.

Outside the Office: In my free time I enjoy traveling and spending time with my two daughters.

Bucket List Item: To complete dental hygiene school.

Spirit Animal: The butterfly. I want to fly in all branches of dentistry.

Elvira Alvarez


Yvannys pulling a funny side on pose Yvannys is our dental assistant and is smiling in her black uniform
Yvannys is our dental assistant and is smiling in her black uniform

Yvannys Santana

I am married with two beautiful girls. Originally, I’m from the Dominican Republic where my love for dentistry started. My aunt was a dentist in D.R. and she instilled in me the love of dentistry and how seeing a GREAT dentist could change a person’s life.

Therefore, I started my dental career back home where I received a doctorate in Dental Science. I was lucky enough to establish my own practice and treat patients from all walks of life and all financial backgrounds. I often participated in missions where we would go to underserved parts of the country to provide dental work free of charge. I did this for 30 years and then moved to the U.S.

I enjoy seeing the transformation from when a patient walks through the door looking for solutions to seeing their happiness after receiving the type of dental work that we render. I appreciate how our doctors listen to my recommendations and treat me as a professional.

I have a knack for relating to both doctor and patient, which promotes harmony and organization in our office.

Outside of the Office: I like to travel, go to water parks, and play baseball.

Hero: My mother. She is one of the strongest people I know and always supports me as I pursue my goals and aspirations.

Bucket List Item: To overcome my fear of heights and skydive.

Spirit Animal: A Lioness. I am fierce, make the rules, and a leader!

Yvannys Santana


Fun and silly portrait of Sabrina Gomez, a dental assistant at Dental Group of Westchester Portrait of Sabrina Gomez, a dental assistant at Dental Group of Westchester
Portrait of Sabrina Gomez, a dental assistant at Dental Group of Westchester

Sabrina Gomez

I was born and raised in the United States but my mother is from Nicaragua and my father is from the Dominican Republic. I am currently a student at Hostos Community College pursuing my career as a dental hygienist. My passion for dentistry became clear when I first experienced being a dental assistant. Knowing the variety of procedures that can help patients overcome their insecurities with their smiles really impressed me.

Dentistry has helped me become more confident with my smile and I love the new things I am learning. I have been exposed to many new procedures since working at the Dental Group of Westchester and truly feel privileged to work with our wonderful patients.

I am a helpful, caring person who likes to make people feel confident about their smile. I’m a keen learner and do whatever it takes to make sure patients have the best dental experience.

Outside of the Office: I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love doing hair and makeup because my mom was a hairdresser so I started learning at a young age.

Your Hero: My hero would be my mother. She’s helped me become a better and stronger person. She has helped me overcome a lot of my fears too.

Bucket List Item: One item on my bucket list would be to become a Certified Dental Hygienist. I’m chasing my dreams!

Spirit Animal: My spirit animal would be the lion because he goes after what he really wants.

Sabrina Gomez


Stephany point to her teeth and smiling Stephany, our dental hygienist smiling for the camera
Stephany, our dental hygienist smiling for the camera

Stephany Benedetti

I live in Queens, NY and I have a little boy. When I was young, I had braces and have had an interest in dentistry ever since. My background is Colombian, and in my family I have individuals who have periodontal disease because they were not educated well enough about their oral health, leading them to lose their teeth as they age. Due to this, I felt motivated to fulfill my duties as a dental hygienist and help those in need. I love to help people and educate them to improve their quality of life.

Although I am a dental hygienist now, I spent some time as a general practice assistant and in pediatric care. Working with children taught me to become more gentle and caring, something I bring to every appointment.

I believe in being a team player and I’m willing to step in and play other roles if needed to maintain a professional and positive flow in the workplace. I consider myself to be effective and efficient in my work field, as well as compassionate and caring for others. I love what I do and I’m happy to be working in such a great office.

I believe that my bubbly and friendly personality adds the most value to the office because patients like to feel comfortable in the chair.

Outside of the office: In my spare time, I love to dance as I have a history in the Ballet. I love to shop, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my family.

Hero: My father is my hero. He migrated from Colombia with no work experience, no family, and no friends. He managed to become a legal citizen in this county and worked as a painter for a contractor. He later learned the skill of a construction worker and he went for his home improvement license. Little by little, he grew and today he has his own construction company.

Bucket List Item: I would like to visit Hawaii.

Spirit Animal: The Lion. I consider myself to be strong both mentally and physically. I’m agile because I’m a fast learner and I’m a go-getter. And I’m a leader because I have never liked to follow or copy what others do.

Stephany Benedetti


Naville leaning forward with her hands to her chin and smiling One of our dental hygienists, Naville, smiling
One of our dental hygienists, Naville, smiling

Naville Minaya-Taveras

Growing up in the Dominican Republic I had the best experience with my dentist. Since I was very young I was intrigued by everything she did and how fun my visits were. That’s what made me pursue dentistry in the first place. I achieved my Associate Degree in Applied Science Dental Hygiene while working at the front desk and as a dental assistant too.

I am the daughter of two of the most wonderful and caring people in the world. I am married to a wonderful man and have a little girl whom I adore.

I love taking care of people in a warm and caring atmosphere where their comfort is the main concern. That’s what I work for, and what drives me to be better. I strive to provide a top-quality service focused on educating patients about the importance of oral health. I use my eye for detail and integrity to offer honest, gentle care to all my patients. I also place an emphasis on patient safety by providing a clean working environment.

It is so rewarding when a patient is satisfied with their care as you develop a personal attachment over time. I also enjoy working with our team – we have a good workflow where patients are the priority.

Outside the Office: I love going to the movies, dancing, and family gatherings. Christmas movies are my weakness, I could watch them all year long. Most of all, I love spending time with my husband and little girl.

Hero: My grandmother. She passed away two years ago, and up to this day, there is not a decision I make in my life that does not involve reflecting on what she would do if it were her.

Bucket List Item: I fulfilled it when I became a mother.

Spirit Animal: A butterfly. I believe that transformation is powerful. It gives us the ability to examine ourselves constantly, look at different perspectives and decide if a change is necessary to find joy within ourselves.

Naville Minaya-Taveras


It was my first time in the office and everyone was so nice and helpful and made me feel comfortable even though I was panicking. I would definitely recommend!
- Kristine K. (Actual Patient)
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