Full Mouth Reconstruction

You can have a healthy, beautiful smile again!

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Caraballo having a full mouth reconstruction consultation with a patient in the chair.

Full mouth reconstruction process involves using a variety of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments to create a healthy and beautiful smile.

There can be many reasons why someone would need a full mouth restoration. A few examples are:

  • Their smiles may have fallen into disrepair because of skipping regular dental appointments.
  • Others may have completed orthodontic treatment, but their teeth may still have some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed, such as staining or irregularly sized teeth.
  • Others may grind their teeth, which needs bite treatment to correct any cosmetic defects and providing long-term protection with a mouthguard.

We offer comprehensive treatment designed to repair your smile’s function and aesthetics.

What Are the Steps For Full Mouth Reconstruction?

We'll make sure you understand every step while supporting you the whole way!
Step 1: Consultation

First, we will perform a thorough exam. Based on our findings and your expressed desires, a detailed treatment plan will be made. It will outline recommended procedures, estimated treatment times, and full mouth reconstruction costs. We take your budget and time limitations into consideration when making any plan.

Step 2: Restorative Dentistry
A beautiful smile needs a healthy foundation to support and maintain it. Making sure your gums are disease-free and your teeth and jaws function correctly is essential to ensuring the longevity of any restorative dentistry work we do and for your long-lasting oral health.
Step 3: Cosmetic Dentistry
Now we get to work our magic! We will put the beautiful finishing touches to your smile by getting rid of old metal fillings, fixing chipped or crooked teeth, and brightening your teeth to a youthful-looking glow. We want you to love your smile again!
Such a wonderful experience! From the fabulous staff to the care they provide each and every visit. I was new to the area and went out on a limb, choosing a dentist without a personal referral. How I lucked out! It’s a pleasure to be a patient of Dental Group of Westchester!
- Amy M. (5-Star Google Review)

Who Is the Best Dentist for Full Mouth Reconstruction in White Plains, NY?

That's actually a trick question! It's not just one dentist; it's a team of dentists.
The Dental Group of Westchester team.

The advantage that patients of the Dental Group of Westchester enjoy over other White Plains dentists is we are a group practice made up of dentists with a variety of specialties.

What does that mean for your full mouth reconstruction?

It means we can do it all! There is no need to refer you out to another office; our dentists can complete all areas of your treatment from restorative to cosmetic dentistry, right here under our roof.

You Deserve a Healthy Smile That You'll Love!
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