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Maintaining Your Health

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Comprehensive Exams

Both the American Dental Association and our team of experts at the Dental Group of Westchester recommend regular check-ups and dental exams. Avoiding these routine exams increases your chance of getting dental problems. Why?

During a typical dental examination, your White Plains dentist can evaluate a number of factors. Firstly, your doctor assesses your medical history for any potential health risks or previous conditions. Some conditions make you more likely to have dental problems. Next, he or she will check your teeth and gums using an intraoral camera. This technology allows you and the dentist to see clear images of the inside of your mouth and discuss any findings.

Our team may also use digital x-rays to get greater insight into the condition of your mouth and jaw. Finally, we take this opportunity to check for oral cancer and use Diagnodent technology to check for cavities.

Without a doubt, regular exams are the first line of defense for every dental problem whether it be gum disease, decay, or orthodontic issues. Please book your next check with us today!

Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is one of the greatest ways you can protect your smile. But did you know that even with the most thorough hygiene habits, plaque and tartar can build up? If this plaque is not removed it can lead to decay, gum disease, and more serious dental problems.

Regular hygiene appointments can be a great partner to your everyday habits. Your dental hygienist is an expert in keeping teeth clean and healthy. By attending these visits, you benefit from a professional cleaning, which involves those hard to reach areas being cleaned and thus protected from dangerous bacteria.

You’ll also work with your hygienist to assess your hygiene routine and identify any areas for improvement. She will discuss problematic areas and help you devise a plan to get these areas out of the red zone.

Hygiene visits are recommended every six months but we suggest more frequent visits if there is decay or gum disease present. Much pain and cost can be prevented with these regular cleanings and advice from a professional hygienist.

Sedation Dentistry

Have you avoided the dentist due to anxiety or because of a previous bad experience? Do you struggle to relax when sitting in the dentist chair? It may surprise you, but dental anxiety is very common amongst Americans. It may surprise you even more to know that fearing the dentist doesn’t need to result in you avoiding the dentist. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, you can enjoy a calming and worthwhile visit, free of anxiety or stress.

Our office places a big emphasis on ensuring ALL our patients feel comfortable. One major success story with our patients is our conscious sedation option. This treatment makes you feel relaxed so you can achieve improved oral health and avoid future problems associated with avoiding the dentist.

Conscious sedation involves you taking medication designed to place you in a more relaxed state. Sedation calms your nerves and leaves you feeling safe and comfortable while we carry out your treatment.

It was my first time at the office and the staff was cordial and helpful.
- Antonette C. (Actual Patient)

Prevent Future Dental Problems

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Children’s Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages to our family dental practice. In fact, we very much enjoy helping children take their first steps to improved dental health. Our dentists have experience providing dental exams and hygiene advice for infants, adolescents, and teenagers. These appointments are adapted to meet your child’s individual needs and we place a little more emphasis on fun and education (even though our adult visits are full of laughter too).

It is recommended for children to receive a dental exam every six months and for parents to be involved in their oral hygiene habits. During the exam, both parent and child can ask questions and will have each step explained.

No matter what your child needs to feel comfortable, we do our best to cater to those needs. Whether they want to watch their favorite show on Netflix or prefer to cuddle their teddy, we’ll help make their visit positive.

Laser Dentistry

Progression in dentistry has led to many amazing developments for increased patient comfort. One significant stride forward is the invent of dental lasers. These lasers are able to replace noisy drills, remove discomfort from procedures, and increase the accuracy of care.

Our detail-oriented team uses lasers in a series of treatments to ensure you get the highest standard of dentistry with faster recovery times. Some services that use lasers include periodontics, gum contouring, bacterial removable, and endodontics.

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive option and brings lasting benefits to your dental visit. It cuts down chair-time, provides instant results, and allows us to avoid (in most cases) anesthesia. We have no doubt that you’ll be impressed by this modern technology and our superior care.

Mouth Guards

There are two primary types of mouthguards: Night guards and sports guards; with each serving a specific purpose. At the Dental Group of Westchester, we provide custom-made mouth guards to help prevent bite issues such as TMJ disorders, to protect your smile, and also to align your teeth. A painful or misaligned bite can lead to more complex dental problems taking shape.

Night guards: These mouth guards are designed to prevent bruxism (or teeth grinding) and a bad bite. The guards are custom-made by our expert dentists subject to your individual needs. We make sure the fit is comfortable and will provide the lasting benefits you need.

Sports guards: The American Dental Association recommends wearing a sports mouth guard whenever participating in contact sports. The guard is made to fit your smile and protect your teeth in the most comfortable manner possible.

Please speak to your White Plains dentist about the various mouth guards options during your next visit.

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