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Dental Implants

Curious about dental implants? Watch this video to learn how a dental implant is placed and then finished with a porcelain crown.

A missing tooth can cause many problems in your life such as reduced confidence in your smile and a series of potential oral health issues. If you do not address a missing tooth then your remaining teeth can begin to shift into the gap and cause misalignment or spacing. However, if you choose a dental implant you can restore balance to your teeth.

Our White Plains dental office places implants on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, we are able to place a dental implant and top it with a custom-made crown. In addition, we can occasionally offer “Immediate Load Implants”, which allow us to place your restoration during the same appointment we insert the implant. This prevents the need for you to wear an uncomfortable appliance while your implant heals.

Implants are durable and promote long-lasting oral health by promoting bone growth and avoiding any teeth shifting.


TeethXpressOpens in the TeethXpress website is a fast, effective, and long-lasting solution for those looking to permanently replace their missing teeth. The basic principle for this form of implant-supported teeth is 4-6 implants are placed in the jawbone. Much like single implants, these fuse with your natural bone and mimic tooth roots. Then, a custom-made arch of teeth is placed on the abutments and held into place. This prevents bone deterioration, avoids an uncomfortable fit, and provides a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dentistry can be likened to a jigsaw puzzle and our experts at times need to help you piece it together. Whether that is through professional advice, first-class treatment, or even full mouth rehabilitation. It is important to note that one dental problem can lead to further problems and eventually the need for rehabilitative care. For example, poor hygiene can cause periodontal disease, which in turn can result in tooth loss, and this can result in shifting of teeth, misalignment, and more tooth loss.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to care for your teeth and act fast when problems occur. However, we understand that dental anxiety, lack of time, or a bad experience at a previous dentist may have kept you from fixing these conditions. So, take a breath and feel assured that we are here to help. Our caring and friendly team is not here to lecture or judge but rather get your teeth back to 100% health.

It may be that absence from the dentist has led to multiple dental issues, which can be corrected with full mouth rehabilitation. When this is the case your rehab can include a custom treatment plan that includes phases of treatment to fix these issues. Our dental experts may need to use a series of treatments including:

Our aim is to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed have the options you need and fully understand the reasons for our recommendations. We are here to help, no matter what you need!

LANAP® Laser Treatment
When gum disease is allowed to progress unchecked, it can eventually become periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease affects the health of your gums and bone tissue and will lead to tooth loss. In the past, gum surgery was the only solution for periodontal disease, but modern dentistry offers a gentler, minimally invasive, non-surgical solution: laser dentistry.

LANAP® laser treatment effectively treats periodontal disease and promotes the regeneration of healthy gum and bone tissue!


Endodontics refers to the study and treatment of the interior and roots of your teeth. Our endodontist, Dr. Marsheh received a further two years of dental education to master root canal therapy. He uses his advanced knowledge and modern techniques to provide a more comfortable approach to this procedure – no more painful root canals!

You may require the assistance of our skilled endodontist if you have damaged the inside of your tooth through trauma or severe decay. However, on most occasions, you’ll visit our endodontist to receive a root canal. This procedure has been known to be painful in the past but with our modern technology, it can be performed with little discomfort.

Root canals are used to remove an infection from the inside of your tooth known as the pulp. This is where the nerves and soft tissue are housed. If the infection is not addressed, the tooth will be extremely painful, the infection can spread, and tooth loss can occur. Your gentle dentist in White Plains numbs the area and cleans out the infection. He then seals the tooth with a rubber-like material and protects it with either a crown or filling.

It is always our goal to save your natural tooth and restore your normal chewing function. Secondary, we want to make your smile looking natural and healthy. Our root canals can achieve both of these aims.

Oral Surgery

Our team of experts can perform all needed oral surgeries right here in our office; no need to be referred to outside specialists.

You may need oral surgery for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Extracting diseased teeth: When a tooth is beyond restoration, we may need to remove it to protect the health of surrounding teeth.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction: If there’s no room for the full eruption of a wisdom tooth, it can become impacted and needs to be removed.
  • Placing dental implants: Dental implants are used to replace the tooth roots of missing teeth and is topped with a dental crown.

Whatever the reason, you can have full confidence in our experienced dentists to restore your smile to full health once again.


Why does a wisdom tooth sometimes have to be removed? Watch this video to learn the answer.

When there has been a lack of dental care, trauma, or severe decay, your tooth may need to be extracted. At the Dental Group of Westchester, we always strive to save your natural tooth but sometimes a removal is the best way to safeguard your oral health. A severely misaligned tooth (e.g. wisdom tooth) or infected tooth can lead to complications throughout your smile.

If an extraction is an ideal option then you can rest assured, you are in good hands. We have an in-office specialist who is able to extract your teeth pain-free and in one visit. We also offer conscious sedation for our more nervous patients and prioritize your comfort during this procedure.

Before the extraction, we clearly explain what is going to happen and plan around your individual needs. Our expert then cleans and numbs the area so you feel minimal discomfort and the tooth is exposed. After the extraction, we cover the area to avoid infection and keep it clean.

As a comprehensive dental office, we can provide teeth replacement options too. These include dental implants and bridges. Your dental expert will discuss this as part of your treatment plan prior to the extraction.

Periodontal (gum) disease affects millions of Americans every year and can cause major dental issues including tooth loss. What’s more, research has shown that if left untreated gum disease can have a negative effect on your whole-health too. With periodontics in White Plains, NY, you can prevent any issues from occurring or stop it progressing further.

Watch this short video to learn how your oral health and overall health are linked.

Our team of expert doctors are vastly experienced in safeguarding our patients’ teeth and gums. They work side-by-side with our hygienists to promote healthy habits and oversee professional cleanings. These are the two most effective way to prevent plaque and decay – the cause of gum disease. Regular hygiene visits are very important in the area of periodontics and should be a priority in your treatment plan.

However, occasionally, periodontal disease has already taken hold. Common symptoms include inflamed, sensitive, and bleeding gums. When this is the case, your caring specialists can remove plaque from around tooth pockets (where the tooth meets the gums) and provide a series of more in-depth cleanings. When this is not sufficient to restore health then a deeper clean is required through scaling and root planing. This cleaning goes below the gum line and removes any bacteria or infection.

Watch this short video to learn how built-up plaque can lead to heart damage.

Caring for your gums is essential in order to have a healthy smile and body, so please visit our periodontics team if you suffer from any symptoms.

Sedation Dentistry
Have you avoided the dentist due to anxiety or because of a previous bad experience? Do you struggle to relax when sitting in the dentist chair? It may surprise you, but dental anxiety is very common amongst Americans. It may surprise you even more to know that fearing the dentist doesn’t need to result in you avoiding the dentist. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, you can enjoy a calming and worthwhile visit, free of anxiety or stress.

Our office places a big emphasis on ensuring ALL our patients feel comfortable. One major success story with our patients is our conscious sedation option. This treatment makes you feel relaxed so you can achieve improved oral health and avoid future problems associated with avoiding the dentist.

Conscious sedation involves you taking medication designed to place you in a more relaxed state. Sedation calms your nerves and leaves you feeling safe and comfortable while we carry out your treatment.

Having a misaligned smile can result in both low self-esteem and poor health. When teeth are not straight or evenly spaced, it can make brushing harder, promote plaque build-up, and ultimately make it more difficult to keep your smile healthy.

Invisalign® has revolutionized the way our White Plains dentists align crooked and overcrowded teeth. The secret? Invisalign® is flexible, functional, and awesome! Unlike conventional braces, this clear aligning system is discreet, gentle, and hardly impacts your lifestyle. The aligners are almost invisible so noone will notice you are undergoing treatment and they are removable so you can eat and drink what you please.

More impressive though is the technology behind this service. Our experts use 3-D digital technology to take impressions of your teeth and bite. They use these impressions to plan out your ENTIRE course of treatment and show you the desired end result beforehand. The 3-D data is then used to create your series of clear aligners.

During the course of treatment, you receive a new set of aligners every two weeks. They are custom-made for your teeth and gradually move them into the ideal position over the course of about 12 months (varies for each patient).

This metal-free, wire-free option avoids goopy impressions, frequent dental visits, and an unsightly smile. Rather it provides a flexible and effective teeth-straightening solution.

I went on the recommendation of my boss and I must say that the team that works here is excellent! Very friendly. And the work the dentist did on my tooth was perfect. They are super professional and take care of their patients.
- Monica D. (Actual Patient)

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