Do You Know How to Handle Dental Emergencies?

Illustrations of Injured teeth prompting the question, are you prepared to handle dental emergencies?

You have a million things to do today! Then the unexpected happens. Although you can’t plan for it, knowing how to handle dental emergencies can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. We’re here to help make sure you’re prepared.

Read our infographic to learn about these common dental emergencies your smile may find itself in, and discover what steps you should take:

  1. What can you do when you break, chip, or crack a tooth?
  2. What should you do when a tooth gets knocked out?
  3. What about when are you experiencing severe pain or swelling?
  4. What steps should you take to handle a bleeding soft-tissue injury to the tongue, gums, cheeks, or lips?

Infographic explaining how to handle dental emergencies and call Dental Group of Westchester

Now you’re prepared to handle dental emergencies!

You can take these three simple steps to be prepared to handle any dental emergency:

  1. Save this infographic to your smartphone or bookmark this page for quick reference when a dental emergency arrives. Our team at Dental Group of Westchester is here to care for all of your dental needs at your regularly scheduled visit or that unexpected dental emergency.
  2. Save our White Plains dental office number on your cell phone so you can contact us whenever the situation calls for it. Here it is: 914-683-5203
  3. Share this dental information with your loved ones so they can protect the oral health of their friends or family too. It may be you!

When you need an emergency dentist and you’re dealing with a dental emergency, remember you have a friendly and qualified team of experts standing by!

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